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Cheat Tv Episode 1 And Ninja Week Continues

Posted on: July , 18, 2008

hey guys, well about all this month i have been working on a new thing. that thing’s cheat tv well, I have been working real hard for the past few weeks on it and when i got on my computer today to finish it, it was gone. i don’t know where it is. so i had to make a new one, this one is not as good but I don’t care.

anyways here is the video while you are watching please feel free to rate/comment about it. also if you subscribe to me ill do the same. so it’s my pleasure to show you the video! oh and warning this video is real bad.

also here is the new ninja week picture.

do you guys know what that picture shows? well it’s another shadow. and if you look and compare it to my ninja picture from the other day. you will notice that they are the same shadow. now why would club penguin make another shadow? and why the same shadows why not a different one? well i think it’s just because they want us to learn more about the ninjas and having these shadows is very good clues. don’t you think? all these different things are just part’s of a puzzle. once you complete the puzzle you can get the answer. And I have completed this puzzle all ready. i have the information about the ninjas on club penguin because of these simple clues. tomorrow i will tell you guys some more about this and a little hint about finding new stuff on club penguin. thanks guys! and there’s now only 5 days until i show you the first ever picture of a ninja on club penguin.

8 Responses to "Cheat Tv Episode 1 And Ninja Week Continues"

NICE VID MAN!! its a little blurry, still its really good!

awesome vid cheat but umm zoom in just a little

i wish i had a vid account

umm cheat lets do the vid now ok

Nice Vid Dude U RULE
ps can i be ur buddy on CP?

im never going to get my penguin bak [marienkallo2], that gay stacy girl told me that theres noway that a penguin can be hacked! me and palkia keep calling them and they called palkia a rotten smelly stupid kid!! then i cussed at them at the end when palkia had 2 go.. so im never going to get marinekallo2 back.. and cp fixed the tranirners the trainers dont work anymore. i hate cp

Server: Klondike
Room: Survivor91 Igloo On The Map
Date: July 19, 2008
Time: 5 AM – 6AM CPTZ TIME!


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